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11 important tips on dating an INFJ woman

11 Important Tips On Dating An INFJ Woman

INFJ belongs to the introverted personality, so that dating an INFJ is not easy. In this article, BestLifeTips will share with you some tips while dating an INFJ woman.

Dating an INFJ woman can come with challenges because of her personality type. BestLifeTips would like to share with you things that you should remember when dating an INFJ woman.

Characteristics of INFJ

Characteristics of INFJ

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INFJ is one of the 16 personality types identified by the MBTI (Myers – Briggs Type Indicator). An INFJ is someone with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. Here are key characteristics of an INFJ.

  • An INFJ can be soft-spoken and empathetic due to their strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding.
  • They have deeply held beliefs and an ability to act decisively in order to get what they want.
  • Although INFJs are introverted by nature, they can form strong and meaningful connection to other people.
  • They enjoy helping other people, but they also need private time and space to recharge.
  • INFJs understand the world with both the good and bad. They hope to be able to make it better.
  • INFJs place a greater emphasis on personal concerns than objective facts while making decisions.
  • They like to expert control by planning, organizing and making decisions as early as possible.

Is it hard for dating an INFJ woman?

Is it hard for dating an INFJ woman?

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Dating an INFJ woman is not easy due to her personality.

While dating an INFJ woman, you can expect a partner who is very emotional and sensitive. She believes in perfectionism. She may not accept criticism by any means. An INFJ sometimes needs private space.

Your relationship might have many misunderstanding because you cannot understand her well. You need to decode her non-verbal gestures’ meaning since her expression won’t always be straightforward.

Sometimes your jokes may be misunderstood easily, so you should be careful before making a joke. You should read their emotions, give them enough attention and act accordingly.

In short, you need to notice and understand our partner’s emotions as well as gestures while dating an NINFJ woman so that you can reduce the misunderstanding in your relationship.

What attracts an INFJ woman?

An INFJ woman is often attracted by genuine people. INFJ also likes those who have an intelligent mind and a complex way of viewing the world. She is drawn to those who possess depth and are capable of expressing this in their own unique ways. These types of people are capable of teaching the INFJ something new, and this leaves them feeling excited and intrigued by their presence.

People that have a sincere confident and sureness in the way they hold themselves can also attract an INFJ woman. This causes the INFJ to feel curious and they often want to know more about this person.

People that have compassion and being able to really listen can attract INFJ woman too. Having someone who cares and is capable of standing by them through anything is the world to the INFJ. If someone shows that they accept all the strengths and weakness of INFJs, this is when INFJs are truly going to feel happy in a relationship.

Tips on dating an INFJ woman

Tips on dating an INFJ woman

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As an INFJ, their primary mode of living is focused internally where they take things in primarily via intuition. Dating an INFJ woman can be a challenging adventure since people tend to often misunderstand them.

However, they have the exceptional capacity for love and empathy within a relationship. Hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get to understand an INFJ woman better. If you already know them within the inside and outside, you’ll be glad to have them as a partner of life.

Here are some important tips you should know when dating an INFJ woman.

  • You should head to a long-lasting relationship

If you’re looking for a temporary romance with them they likely won’t even bother. INFJs prefer long, lasting relationship and avoid short-term relationship if they can. If you’re dating an INFJ woman, you should head to a long-lasting relationship with her.

  • Notice and take care of her more

If you’re dating an INFJ woman, you’ll know that she takes care of others a lot and sometimes forget to take care of herself. Show that you care about her a lot, that’ll make her fall for you.

  • You can plan a surprise for the next date

An INFJ tends to always think about what the next date should be. Dating an INFJ woman would bring a lot of fun since they’ll think about everything thoroughly. You should make her surprise sometimes on your dating day. That will make her happy and love you more.

  • Don’t focus too much on materialist thing

The most attractive person to an INFJ is someone that isn’t materialistic and all about wealth. So if you’re dating an INFJ, don’t focus too much on labels, designers or money. INFJs find happiness in the simple thing in life so just be simple.

  • Be loyal

An INFJ is very loyal to their partner. But don’t take advantages from that. You need to be loyal to them, too. That’s how you show your love and respect to your INFJ partner.

  • Never lie to them

INFJs are very sensitive. They can tell when you’re lying and they really hate being lied. Be genuine while dating an INFJ woman and you’ll gain their trust.

  • Be understanding and generous

INFJs are complex, and sometimes even their own complexity can confuse them. They’re aware they’re odd and because of their own self-awareness they always feel misunderstood. You should be generous and accept this personality of them so that you two will have a strong relationship.

  • Give her private space

INFJs sometimes need private time and space to recharge themselves. Let them be! Don’t feel annoying because of that. Even you also need space sometimes, right?

  • Be patient

Sometimes it can be hard for an INFJ to open up her heart. She may feel insecure in a relationship. She doesn’t reveal much about her as fast as her partner does. Be patient and wait for her to open up. You’ll realise many good things about her after understanding her more.

  • Don’t pressure her to make more friends or socialize more

If you’re dating an INFJ woman, you should remember this. She is more interested in having a few solid relationships with people she can truly connect with.

  • You should make the initial

While dating an INFJ woman, you should be the one who makes the initial. If you’re waiting for her to call or text you first, it’s most likely not going to happen. The INFJs rarely initiate anything and prefer others to make the initial contact when it comes to dating.

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