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The truth behind complex people: Are they mentally dangerous as rumors?

The Truth Behind Complex People: Are They Mentally Dangerous As Rumors?

How to know if a person has complicated personalities? Getting to know complex person meaning is a wise move. BestLifeTips will reveal the truth right below.

There are people that like a simple life, a 9 to 5 job, a cozy house filled with laughter, a partner and kids. They live up to their words and don’t play mind games. On the flip side, there are people see things differently and deeper than other. Let’s find out the complex person meaning in this article with BestLifeTips.

Complex person meaning

If you ask a complex person a question, you never receive a plain answer back but more questions and a more detailed answer than you expected. Complex persons will free their minds and think about details. They hardly find themselves indulge in the present moment but dwell in the past and stress about the future.

Complex person meaning

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In fact, everyone of us is complex by nature. Even the simplest one still have the moment of struggling or worrying about the future or what to do next. We differ from other animals because we have the ability to think ahead, to love, to dream, to express our emotions subtly. So when we say a person is complex, it means that he is more complicated than other personalities.

A simple person behaves in a manner which is more external than internal. Their behaviors depend much on the outer world, including the environment and people all around. On the flip side, a complex person is the exact opposite in that they internalize their decision. They unconsciously mask their body language to fool you . It’s not because they want to do so, but partly this belongs to their nature.

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A complex personality, to put it simply, is a person who makes his own thoughts, questions everything, is naturally curious, is flexible in his beliefs and points of view, and is not reliant on external factors to determine how he or she would react in a given social environment. They are self-assured – but not overconfident – and are constantly striving to improve themselves in all aspects of life, resulting in an internal conflict that governs their brains at all times. As a result, they are more inventive, clever, revolutionary, and occasionally lonely than their companions.

complex person meaning 2

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Now we understand more about a complex person, so what are the pros and cons of being one.

Pros of being a complex person

  • They are easily adaptable to shifting circumstances.
  • People with complex personalities are more likely to be creative.
  • A complicated individual might exhibit extreme personality traits, such as being both naïve and knowledgeable, as well as stern and immature.
  • They are in touch with nature and care about animals and the environment.
  • They do not easily accept failure and, rather than giving up, will try to discover answers.
  • Complex people are noted for their ability to think logically and creatively.
  • Complex people can address difficulties using a variety of techniques.

Cons of being a complex person

  • They may have a hard time blend in with others.
  • Complex people have a tendency of over-analyzing the slightest of details.
  • Depression, anxiety, and phobias can result from over-analyzing.
  • Their straightforward opinions might irritate others.
  • They are idealists who can be very irritated when they see wrongdoings in the world.
  • People rarely understand complex persons’ thinking.
  • At times, their ideas can be overwhelming.
  • Working in a group is difficult for them.

Signs of a complex person

Let’s dive deep into a complex person’s mind and see what are their tendencies and how that reflects on their personalities. Here are some things that a complicated person carries on, according to experts.

They tend to make things all about them

Complicated people have a tendency to internalize their thoughts and sometime appeared self-centered. They are fully aware that they are deeper in thinking than others, which leads to the thought of they always have the right answers. Sometimes they might devaluate other’s accomplishments by up lifting theirs.

They like to take everything under their control

Complex or superiority complex people expect everything turns out the way they want it to be. In working place, you might recognize them by their striving for higher position or better promotion at all cost. And if they are leaders or managers, they want other to listen or scare rather than to respect.

Signs of a complex person

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All they want is clarity

Complexity and clarity, sounds quite opposite, right? But a complex person knows exactly what they want to do and archive. Once they identify their goals, they have the ability to focus and know how to get the best results.

They dare to face challenges

Complex people don’t want to play it safe. They push themselves to think outside of the box and harden their challenge regularly. It’s their way to prove themselves, whether it’s higher education, new promotion, better position or higher level of playing sport. And their journey will never stop, there’s always a higher level on what they do.

Signs of a complex person

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They love asking questions

If you give them a question, they never pull back a plain, short answer. They are always asking for more information to get to know the best possible outcome. They love changes and always think about improvement in everything. So don’t be so surprised that your complex people ask too much for 1 simple question.

Their concentration ability is extraordinary

If a person own complex personality, it doesn’t mean that they can’t stop their thinking and just focus. In contrast, they are the master of concentration. By shutting out the outer noise and distractions around, they protect the task at all costs. They might be complicated in thinking but straightforward with their goals.

They commit on a different level

They are clear with what they want, know how to shut the outer noise up, love challenges and definitely commit to their action. It’s not easy to demotivate them because they know why they need to show up and commit to their action.

How do you deal with a complex person?

There’s nothing wrong when people are simple or complicated. If we know them enough, there would be more peaceful and easy to interact with each other. Even though complicated woman or complicated man have more tendencies to think further about a thing than itself, but they are straightforward. Let’s see how how to deal with a complex person right below.

Understand their intentions

If you find them overreacting or their opinions are overwhelming, try to identify their trigger. A complicated person always thinks about possible options and how to get the best outcome. If they debate harshly or always think they are right, understand that they are sensing that their options might improve things.

How do you deal with a complex person

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Keep calm and don’t let your anger lead you out

As a complex person, they can’t stop thinking about options and improvements. Debates are unavoidable in discussion, sometime we might trigger each other unconsciously. Keep your mind calm and in control, so you appear to be more respectable and centered. When they see your reaction with calm despite whatever they do, they started to think again and adjust their action.

Let them know your intentions

Another way to deal with complex person is to explain your motivations for what you are doing. They may be resistant because they believe you are being unfair to them. Allowing them to understand why you’re acting the way you are and the whole context of what’s going on will help them empathize with your situation. This makes it much easier for them to bring them on board.

complex person meaning

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Treat them with respect

No one enjoys being ignored, especially when they think their thinkings are valued. Show your respect towards their opinions and contribution.

See things from their perspective.

Everyone has different perspectives. In a very same situation, we experienced in some ways, see things from different angles and offer a different take on the situation. Be open-minded with others’ point of view and allow other to know yours. You might find your life lessons in amidst of the discussion.

Ignore and move on

You have tried everything, and the situation seemed not to positively changed. Yes, it’s time to move on. At least, you have already tried what you can within your means. Keep distance with what or who drains your energy is a wise move.

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By learning complex person meaning, you might realize anyone of us can be a complicated one to some extent. Being complex is either a blessing or a misfortune if you don’t know how to use it. Complex people are never run out of the curiosity and motivation, but sometimes they make others misunderstand their willing. If you find it helpful, give us a thumb up and return BestLifeTips often for more tips for life.