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These Secrets about Cerebral Narcissists Might Surprise You

These Secrets About Cerebral Narcissists Might Surprise You

When someone appears smarter or continuously mocks others’ intelligence, it may be one of cerebral narcissist traits. BestLifeTips will share about definitions related to this narcissism and the best ways to deal.

Narcissism or involving cerebral narcissist traits are always a fascinating subject. Let’s find out about this personality issue in this article with BestLifeTips now.

What is Narcissism?

Narcissism is a term commonly used to describe anyone who tends to self-absorbed. According to WebMD, this phenomenon is extreme self-involvement to the degree that it makes a person ignore the needs of those around them.

Why do they call it narcissism? How about cerebral narcissist traits?

According to Britannica, narcissism, which is pathological self-absorption, first identified as a mental disorder by the British essayist and physician Havelock Ellis in 1898.

Narcissism is characterized by an inflated self-image and addiction to fantasy. The disorder is named following the mythological figure Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection.

If everyone sometimes shows occasional narcissistic attitudes, true narcissists show more frequently. They essentially disregard others or their feelings. Hence, they may also not understand the effect of how their attitudes or behaviors affect others.

cerebral narcissist traits

Source: MindBodyGreen

Before finding out what cerebral narcissist traits are, it’s also important to note about a part of this kind of personality – a larger personality disorder. It’s known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). They usually diagnose this through clinical evaluation.

The important thing is not every narcissist has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as narcissism is just a spectrum. People who are up to the highest end of the spectrum are those that are classified as NPD Group.

What is Cerebral Narcissism?

First, knowing its definition will make you tell cerebral narcissist traits easily.

The term cerebral narcissist refers to someone who indulges their mind for the sake of getting attention or their thinking of grandiosity.

Unlike other typical narcissist as somatic narcissists, they’re probably not vain about their appearance and they don’t boast of financial success or have little to no interest in sex.

Since they consider others to be intellectual beneath them and believe in gaining their intellectual abilities. It’s hard to find a partner that they’re attracted to.

These kinds of narcissists can manifest this behaviour by using complicated terms and stating facts when someone is saying the wrong ones.

Cerebral narcissists depend on their master of command when they speak their intellectual language. The cerebral narcissist uses his outstanding intellect, or knowledge, to confirm with themselves that people are stupid and ignorant.

Specifically, there is no such thing called cerebral narcissistic personality disorder, as this concept has not been validated in science. However, there is also something similar for those to a high extent.

cerebral narcissist traits


At this point, you also need to find out what cerebral narcissist traits are to find out more about them.

What is a Covert Cerebral Narcissist?

A covert cerebral narcissist is someone who does not make too much noise about their talents and skills but is deeply sensitive to any real or perceived slights against their self-image.

The covert cerebral narcissist may often give back-handed compliments, or purposefully minimize their accomplishments in a way that makes everyone admire them more. On the other hand, they even shame others to secure their sense of an elevated position.

Cerebral Narcissist Vs Somatic

In fact, the somatic narcissist flaunts his sexual conquests, parades his possessions or brags about his physical aesthetics. They are considered hypochondriacs.

Meanwhile, the latter is haughty and really intelligent. To him, his body and sexuality are a burden and a distraction.

There is a misconception that the signs of cerebral narcissists are the same as somatic although they differ in what they are addicted to, but in fact, they will also have two different levels of manifestation. So continue to learn about cerebral narcissist traits to see them differently.

Cerebral Narcissist Traits

Here are some outstanding cerebral narcissist traits:

  • Intelligence

This is one of the clear signs of cerebral narcissist traits with many expressions.

Cerebral narcissists all have very high IQs, don’t they? This is usually true, but not always. Sometimes, they simply believe so by themselves.

To cover their knowledge gaps, they may only engage in conversations where they know they can dominate or know a lot about it.

You may also observe that in conversations on topics that are uncommon to them or out of their scope, they will either ignore it or set it aside. In particular, they will certainly also take the opportunity to prove others wrong, as long as it makes them appear smarter.

This is like them seeking approval and enjoying a sense of power around them.

  • Power

Why is power related to cerebral narcissist traits? Hasn’t it been very obvious?

The more he increases in his intellectual abilities, the more motivated the cerebral narcissist is to increase his power and strength. They vastly believe that they deserve to be in power.

cerebral narcissist traits

Source: Glamour

No wonder they just have a low tolerance level for normal people in their thinking who wield power over them. This happens because they always underestimate the wisdom of those around them. Hence, they cannot reciprocate the emotional needs of relationships.

To show power in the eyes of others, like somatic narcissists, cerebral narcissists enjoy having power over others. But, what is remarkable is that they just gain that power with their mind rather than their actual charm.

Power in cerebral narcissist traits is also a disapproval of criticism and the worse thing is seeking and giving exclusion to those who potentially pose a threat to their power.

  • Ego and Want to be The Center of Attention

One of the most cerebral narcissist traits should be mentioned as a high sense of ego. Right, they always believe themselves to be the smartest. In addition, they also feel safest in believing that everybody around them is less intellectual.

At this point, when a person is too self-centered and when someone criticizes something they are proud of, they gradually develop into a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Anyway, it’s still good if they just take a sense of pride in themselves, believe in themselves and try to gain maximum attention from other people by showing off their intellectual abilities.

  • Low Motivation To Have Sex

It’s true that the defining things of cerebral narcissist traits is a disinterest in sex, compared to somatic narcissist. Even this is in direct contrast to the behavior of most narcissists.

If someone belongs to the type of narcissist, there may be no actual connection with their partner. Generally, cerebral narcissists usually have a low sexual motivation in life. Since they consider all around them to be less intellectual, it is understandable that it’s humiliating to avoid associating with people less smart for any physical relations.

cerebral narcissist traits

Source: Verywell Mind

A narcissist husband prefers watching pornography frequently than interesting in intimacy with their partner. As a result, those whose cerebral narcissist traits would rely more on masturbation for gaining sexual pleasure.

Why a Person is a Cerebral Narcissist?

The root cause of cerebral narcissist traits isn’t really known, but it’s suspected that it has some common factors with general narcissism. The causes can be divided into the classic group of genetics vs environment.

  • Genetics

Narcissism, or specifically cerebral narcissism, is just in some people’s DNA. The cerebral narcissist traits appear to be inherited from parents. There’s not much anyone can do to affect their genetic coding, but it doesn’t guarantee those traits will be expressed.

  • Environment

Many researchers believe a narcissistic personality can be traced back to the mess of the genetic – environmental relationship. Narcissistic adults start exhibiting behaviors in their teenage years, which is mistaken for self-centeredness typical of that age.

Even though they may have good genetics, they can still exhibit negative cerebral narcissist traits when living in certain environments. Maybe they live in a situation where there is too much criticism, or they have been favored since childhood.

cerebral narcissist traits

Source: Thought Catalog

In general, depending on the available personality, the environment will affect unique characteristics.

Cerebral Narcissist Relationship

Cerebral Narcissist Break Up

When it comes to a cerebral narcissist in a relationship, it’s really not a relationship that can last long if they keep underestimate others being less wise.

A psychologist and narcissism expert Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D., said that in a relationship, they still tend to argue intellectually. It’s their insecurity. Also, “The true genius can say things in simple language and not hide behind polysyllabic fluff,” said he.

How to Deal with a Cerebral Narcissist?

You may be annoyed with cerebral narcissist traits, but it can feel like there’s no way to win.

Here are the best actions you should follow to deal with those whose cerebral narcissist traits:

  • Try not to get engaged in intellectual talks with them. This will make them feel insecure and uncomfortable, leading to a high extent in their reaction.
  • Avoid engaging with this kind of people at your workplace and let them continue their work unless you know they are doing the work right
  • Just step away or change the subject.
  • Forgive their nature instead of internalizing whatever they say.

Cerebral Narcissist Treatment

Unless the cerebral narcissist shows signs of switching to an NPD group, they can change their behavior patterns by helping them or have them see a psychologist who can adjust the levels of cerebral narcissist traits using no serious treatment.

It’s still best to help them understand why their dynamics are disturbing for others and thus psychoeducation them with alternate behaviors that are easy to adopt.

Cerebral Narcissist – Erectile Dysfunction

Discovering the surprising link between cerebral narcissist and erectile dysfunction through the opinions of industry experts.

In fact, though on the surface totally separate, they might actually be related.
Clinical psychologist Michael Kinsey, Ph.D., has noted a definitive link between the two in his patients. “In my clinical practice, I have often seen erectile dysfunction occur alongside hypermasculine displays of narcissism,” he said.

cerebral narcissist traits

Source: PsychReel

Also, a professional psychotherapist specializes in narcissistic abuse. Alena Scigliano explains, “The heart of pathological narcissism is a deep insecurity, and an extremely fragile sense of self. The inherent nature of a pathological narcissist is to mask their insecurity, even from himself.”.

She also says that “If they suspect that they won’t do well, they avoid doing it altogether.

Since their fragile sense of self may include a fear of being judged for poor sexual performance, they may subconsciously sabotaging the possibility of even beginning intercourse, simply for the sake of avoiding the risk of failure and therefore judgment.”

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