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Okay. I know it’s weird but this is how to know your cat’s purrsonality

Okay. I Know It’s Weird But This Is How To Know Your Cat’s Purrsonality

Why cats behave differently in the same environment? Do they have their own personalities or just mirror the owner? BestLifeTips reveals right below different personalities of cats and how cat personalities test can help your relationship with your cat.

Why other’s cat meow gleefully when the owners come home but yours kind of just push that brilliant, new and expensive vase off the shelf onto floor calmly? Yes, each cat has his own way of doing things. Getting to know your cat purrsonality by cat personalities test reveals more about your human personality. Let’s find out with BestLifeTips.

Do cats have a personality?

For paw lovers, no 2 cats are the same. Some will give you scratches as soon as you meet them, some hate when you touch them, while some will happily lie down your head while you are falling asleep. Some seem to be comfortable with socialization, while some prefer to be alone all the time.

Do cats have a personality

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A study on 2802 cats points out there are 5 key characteristics in cats: neuroticism, extraversion, dominance, impulsiveness and agreeableness.

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Neuroticism (Skittishness)

Cats who are neurotic are highly sensitive and seem to choose edges all the time. They prefer the familiarities including people, places, smell, food and so on. You might recognize your cat are neuroticism type when he turns to panic when strangers come. He displays the strongest levels of traits such as insecure, anxious, fearful. If you own one, provide him with hideaways around the house like cat tunnel, cat tree or simply a box.

Extraversion (Outgoingness)

If your cat loves going out, making friends, wandering, being played and trying to get your attention all the time, what you own is an extroverted cat, who needs attention, time and activities the most.

Give those outgoing cats plenty of toys and spend more time playing with them.


Cats with dominant personalities can be the threat in a multi-cat household or neighbor dogs. They will have what they want: mice, birds, scratches and belly rubs. Literally no one can stop them.

If you are in trouble with dominant cats taking all the goods, make sure that they have their own food bowl, litter trays and sleeping space.

cat personalities test

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An impulsive cat tends to react differently toward the same situation on different occasions. He is the mix of high energy and anxiety. Sometimes this is a case that a cat hasn’t learned how to cope with life. When he feels uncertain, the first thing he chooses is just running.

If you are with an impulsive one, don’t yell at them (and others cat) because your irritation will raise the level of anxiety and make his reaction worse. Set a daily schedule for feeding and playing, so he will not overreact.


An agreeable cat is exactly what everyone asked for. They are, as their type, agreeable, sociable and chill! They are ideal cats for a multi-cat household as they are easy with cats and humans.

cat personalities test 3

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Can cats have personality disorders?

The memes on cats having OCD are popular and hilarious but people might don’t know that it’s true. Excessive grooming, moving pace and meowing are the signs that he is bored, stress or even in pain.

Can cats have personality disorders

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These behaviors, according to researchers, allow pain-relieving chemicals in the brain to be released, momentarily reducing the cat’s discomfort. If a cat isn’t given enough attention or isn’t stimulated with enough exercise, he or she may develop more of this undesirable behavior.

What is cat personality test?

There are different types of cat personality test, you can find them from different sites. Mostly you will need to answer questions based on your cat’s real reaction and behaviors. Remember to choose the truth of your cat, not what you expect him to be.

What is cat personality test

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Another thing to notice is that the tests are far from the psychological accuracy. The questions are designed based on 5 key characteristics and able to predict partly his personalities and tendencies, not a professional analytic. If you feel it doesn’t sound right to your cat, don’t dismiss it.

How to take cat personalities test?

You can easily google cat personalities test and take one of them. Most of the time, it’s a multiple-choice test with given answers or pictures. Here’s some of them.

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Of course, every cat is unique and has his own blended personalities and there is no definition of a perfect cat, just as human. Getting to know their purrsonalities by cat personalities test can help you better understand them and meet their need giving them the best life as you can. If you find it help, give us a thumb up and return BestLifeTips more often for home tips.