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Master at Applying Concealer Without Foundation as a pro with These Steps
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Master At Applying Concealer Without Foundation As A Pro With These Steps

In this article, BestLifeTips will help you answer the question “Can you wear concealer without foundation?” and how to apply it without foundation.

If you are running out of foundation or just want to use the concealer as your foundation, this article is for you. BestLifeTips will answer the question “Can you wear concealer without foundation?” and share with you tips on applying it.

Can you wear concealer without foundation?

Sometimes, you may be wondering, can you wear concealer without foundation?

The answer is yes, absolutely!

A lot of women out there sport the concealer-only look when they just want to smooth things over.

It creates a more natural look, allowing you to pinpoint problem areas and harmonize skin tone without going all out for that full face of makeup.

Concealer is an essential in every woman’s makeup stash. We could likely put on makeup without foundation, but we could never get by without concealer.

A concealer has that potential to boost your skin fast for an instantly improved appearance even in nanoseconds.

So, it’s clearly a “Yes” for “Can you wear concealer without foundation?”

How to apply concealer without foundation?

How to apply concealer without foundation

After knowing the answer to “Can you wear concealer without foundation?”, Let’s move to steps on applying concealer without foundation.

Here are steps to apply concealer without foundation:

Step 1: Buy the right formula.

The brand may be good, but you must use a formula made for the specific needs of your skin.

Consider your skin type and choose a concealer that meets your skin requirements.

There are then various types of concealers: liquids, creams, color fixers and sticks are available.

Think about what you are going to use this concealer once you have identified your skin type.

Choose a concealer to help you cover up those which don’t block your pores if you get large random pimples on a regular basis.

Step 2: Pick the right shade.

Choose a concealer that has one or two lighter shades than your skin tone if you want to cover dark circles.

You should go for a concealer that matches the skin tone perfectly if you are trying to hide dark spots or pimples.

Be sure to test the product in as close to daylight as possible.

Step 3: Prepare your skin.

Before you apply concealer, start with a clean, fresh face. A double-cleanse that incorporates an exfoliator is your best choice.

Exfoliate first, then finish up with a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

People have oily skin need to apply moisturizer before makeup as well. It’ll be great if your moisturizer contains SPF to protect against sun damage throughout the day.

Step 4: Go Goldilocks on coverage.

When you’re using concealer without foundation, remember that coverage levels vary by formula, not by type of concealer.

Generally, stick or solid concealers will be a little drier and stick better to spots. While liquid concealers will be a little creamier with less coverage.

Step 5: Set it down.

For more staying power, finish with the dusting of translucent powder. Do not pull out the concealer from the place you are trying to cover by patting or pressing motions versus brushstrokes.

How to cover dark circles without foundation?

How to cover dark circles without foundation

Here is how to cover dark circles without foundation:

Pick a concealer with yellow or peach color if you have a light skin. Select an orange or red color concealer for darker skin tones.

Get a concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin tone for a brightening effect.

Instead of using a concealer, you can choose to use a tinted moisturizer for sheer coverage over minor dark circles, a BB cream if you need light coverage under your eyes, or a nude lipstick for a quick fix.

Spread a moisturizer with SFP on your face to keep it hydrated. Keeping your under-eye area hydrated will improve dark circles and make you look more awake.

Apply a thin layer of primer on your face to keep your makeup in place.

Before using concealer, add a few dots of the color corrector over the dark circles and spread it out evenly using a beauty blender or brush. Dab it into your skin gently so it looks seamless.

You can form an upside-down triangle with the concealer to cover your dark circles, or apply several dots of the product over the dark circles instead.

Whichever method you choose, remember to start your application near the bridge of your nose going outward. This is where the circles tend to be the darkest.

Once you apply the concealer to your dark circles, use a bristle makeup brush or a beauty blender to gently dab the product in a circular shape so that it begins to spread out more evenly.

Dust a light layer of setting powder over the concealer if you’d like. It’s a good way to ensure your makeup stays put under your eyes and give you a matte look.

How to use concealer as foundation?

How to use concealer as foundation

You can use your concealer as a foundation thanks to its versatility. Here’s how to apply concealer and using it to do your base:

Choose a formula that you like as long as it suits your skin type, whether it’s a cream or liquid concealer.

Make sure you have two shades, one that matches your skin tone and one to brighten up key areas of your face.

Use a stippling brush to apply your concealer. Start applying from your under eye area.

Make sure you have an even amount of product and color all across your face and blend it out thoroughly.

After finishing this, apply a bit of dusting powder with a brush on all the necessary areas.

Now that your base is ready, you can go in with additional products like a blush or a bronzer and finish the look.

How to set concealer without powder?

How to set concealer without powder

If you are running out of powder or you just simply don’t want to apply it, there are ways for you to set your concealer.

The first way is to applying a base primer to help your concealer last longer.

There are also a few alternatives to powder as your setting tool out there, like a setting spray. Or you can use a cornstarch instead of powder.

To use a cornstarch as powder, you’ll need:

  • Cornstarch
  • Small dish
  • Makeup application sponge (or your finger)
  • Fluffy make up brush

How to apply:

Pour a small amount of cornstarch into the dish.

Dab the makeup sponge into the cornstarch and gently press into problem areas.

Use your fluffy make up brush to blend in and brush off excess cornstarch.

Concealers you can wear without foundation

Here are some concealers that you can wear without foundation:

  • MAC Studio Waterweight Concealer
  • Tarte Colored Clay CC Corrector
  • Bareminerals 16 Hour Full Coverage Concealer
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
  • L’Oréal True Match Concealer
  • Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer
  • NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand
  • Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick
  • Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Concealer
  • Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

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Can you wear concealer without foundation? The answer is yes. You can also use concealer as a foundation. All you have to do is to pick the right concealer for your skin. Follow BestLifeTips for more makeup tips.