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4 simple tips for sleeping better with a menstrual cup during your period

4 Simple Tips For Sleeping Better With A Menstrual Cup During Your Period

In general, women experience many sleep difficulties during this period. So, can you sleep with a menstrual cup? Let’s read this article in detail. BestLifeTips will give you some good guides.

Can you sleep with a menstrual cup? Read on with BestLifeTips and you will find out the answer by yourself.

can you sleep with a menstrual cup

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Can you sleep with a menstrual cup?

The answer is definitely yes! You can sleep with a menstrual cup! 

If menstrual leakage while sleeping is one of the nightmares for women every time they get their period, you will feel completely comfortable when sleeping with a menstrual cup in and can wake up in a state of less clutter.

Gone are the days of having to use tampons or having to wash your underwear in the sink or when unsightly stains get on your mattress. Menstrual cups are really a sleep savior for girls.

Normally, depending on the amount of menstruation of each woman as well as the product capacity, the menstrual cup can be used continuously for 8-12 hours, even in active conditions.

Thus, with the average length of sleep only lasting 6 to 8 hours, the body is in a resting state of the cup so it will withstand any risk of overflowing. So, can you sleep with a menstrual cup? Now you have the answer, right?

Is it safe to sleep with a menstrual cup?

Wearing a menstrual cup to bed is not only convenient but also really safe. 

Specifically, it may shift upwards while you are sleeping but menstrual cups will hardly get inside your body even when you are sleeping or even active.

In fact, the vaginal canal is an elastic tube with only 3-4 inches long until it reaches the cervix, which prevents the menstrual cup from entering the uterus.

Therefore, it does not connect to other parts of the body, so your menstrual cup will not leak anywhere in your body.

Moreover, allergic cases are very rare when using menstrual cups, because the material for this product is medical silicone and is licensed for safety.

can you sleep with a menstrual cup

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When you notice that the cup is moving up, just take a deep breath and relax your pelvic muscles in a comfortable position such as standing or squatting, then gently insert your hand into the vagina until you can touch the stem and gently pull it out.

The utility of cleanliness and coolness when using a menstrual cup is really quite different from the ability to easily cause itching and discomfort from using tampons for women’s sensitive areas. 

This results from the effect of absorbing and accumulating menstruation outside their body.

Will my menstrual cup overflow if I wear it overnight?

You can almost sleep with a menstrual cup without worrying about overflowing. These cups, with their silicone construction, provide up to 12 hours of leak resistance.

Since most people sleep an average of only 6 to 8 hours, you don’t need to worry about leaking during sleep. The normal woman can usually lose about 30 to 60 ml of menstrual flow in an entire menstrual period. 

So with the varying sizes, samples of menstrual capacity such as 30 ml, 32 ml or even 20 ml are resistant to overflow in the middle of the night.

can you sleep with a menstrual cup

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So, can you sleep with a menstrual cup without being prevented by factors related to menstruation? Some below suggestions will work for you.

4 tips for you to sleep well with a menstrual cup

Choose the right menstrual cup 

Menstrual cups should also be considered a medical device because they are inserted into your body – your sensitive place and you certainly wouldn’t want to put some suspicious material in your vagina, right?

A fake or low qualified menstrual cup can cause leaks and make your sleep not perfect. So, choosing the right cup is vastly important.

Currently, there are many brands of fake menstrual cups appearing on the market. Cups made of inferior materials tend to break after a few months. Choose the most reputable brands to ensure your own hygiene and health. 

Additionally, determining your cervical height is probably one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a menstrual cup. One of the best resources online for you to find your perfect menstrual cup is website

On the other hand, if you have an active lifestyle or have strong pelvic or vaginal muscles then a firmer, firmer cup will be more suitable. A cup that’s too soft can press against the muscles, breaking the seal and causing a leak.

can you sleep with a menstrual cup

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Take size into consideration

Every woman’s body is different, so menstrual cups will also have many sizes to suit many objects and many purposes.

When choosing the right size, the menstrual cup will take full advantage of it as the cup fits snugly against the vaginal wall and there will be no leak for the menstrual flow out, especially when sleeping.

For girls under 30 years old, have a small body or have not had a child, the vagina has not been dilated. These women should only use a size S cup, which is equivalent to the 20ml capacity of a regular menstrual cup.

As for those who are over 30 years old, have a larger body or have given birth to a baby, especially a vaginal way, they should choose size L, equivalent to a capacity of 25ml.

A female just owns 2 sizes of these menstrual cups. It is completely comfortable to be able to pass the question of whether you can sleep with a menstrual cup.

can you sleep with a menstrual cup

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Empty your menstrual cup before sleeping 

Overall, the consensus among menstrual cup users is that you should empty every 10 to 12 hours as the absolute maximum. If your period is heavy or within a few days, the output is heavier. You need to clean the cup more often to prevent leakage.

Menstrual cups can stay in the body for up to 12 hours, but it’s best to choose the time to change the cup that suits your menstrual flow.

When the menstrual period is still quite small, less than a full cup, after 12 hours, you should still need to take the cup out of the body, clean it and continue using it.

Leaving the cup for too long will be a favorable condition for the growth of harmful bacteria.

Use a little extra protection for sleeping

To be on the safe side, on the first use, some girls and women like to put extra pads under their buttocks while sleeping or wear an extra thin outer pad during the days of their period called panty liners.

These kinds of pads can be worn at any time during the period to avoid overcrowding and have a better night’s sleep.

can you sleep with a menstrual cup

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Hopefully, through this article, our females will no longer be worried about the question can you sleep with a menstrual cup, especially at night. Do what you love and choose BestLifeTips to receive more tips in life.