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Forget about your wrinkled T-shirt. Here’s how you can put your polyester in the dryer like a pro

Forget About Your Wrinkled T-shirt. Here’s How You Can Put Your Polyester In The Dryer Like A Pro

Always got a rough and full of wrinkles T-shirt in the end of drying cycle? Can you put polyester in the dryer? Here’s what you need to know when wash and dry polyester garments. Read the recommendation from BestLifeTips below.

We all have that moment when taking a polyester item out of our dryer and realize that you’re almost accidentally shrunk it to kid’s size. Can you put polyester in the dryer? Let’s find out the answer in this article with BestLifeTips.

Can you put polyester in the dryer?

Polyester is a wrinkle-resistant, durable, and long-lasting fabric. Pure polyester products, on the other flip side, may melt and become deformed and hard to the touch when subjected to medium to high heat in clothes dryers. Low-polyester fabrics can be dried safely using special dryer settings like permanent press, which alternately heat and cool the clothing to prevent melting and damage.

Polyester garments also come with a garment care tag that can be found easily inside. Follow the instruction might help you take best care of your polyester garment.

Can you put polyester in the dryer

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Besides of that, getting to know which fabrics are safe for the dryer is a wise move. It’s useful to know what you can put in the dryer without changing its shape or quality. Check the list of common to uncommon fabrics below and don’t forget to check washing care label on your clothing items carefully.

Fabrics you can put in the dryer

  • Acrylic: Dry on low heat only
  • Linen: Yes, but don’t over dry it or else you may make it more wrinkles and harder to iron out.
  • Microfiber: Dry on low heat or cool setting.
  • Nylon: Dry on low heat as it might cause creases or static cling.
  • Polyester: Dry on low heat or hang drying.
  • Denim: Low heat, delicate circle or hang drying to keep shape for longer.
  • Cotton: Check the washing care label for air drying as 100% may shrink if you put them into the dryer while cotton blends would be able to survive.

Fabrics you cannot put in the dryer

  • Cashmere: It’s an ideal option for sunny days with a bit of breeze. The heat of dryer might make it shrink and damage the follicles. Air drying is the better choice.
  • Lace: It’s often used in a variety of use, including clothing, cutwork and knitting. Lace is often combined with other fabrics for different designs and pattern varieties. As it’s so delicate, the heat of the dryer could unthread the design and make it wrinkles in the end of your drying cycle.
  • Silk: Silk is one of the most delicate fabric that can be dried easily by air drying. 100% Silk is not dryer-proof but some silk blends are. Make sure to check the tag beforehand.
  • Leather and suede: If you want to keep your leather or suede items looking great, air drying is the best solution.
  • Rayon: In general, rayon should not be dried in the dryer since the fibers may shrink and fray when heated; instead, lay them out to air dry.
  • Wool: Most wool items should be air dried to prevent them from being shrunk or damages. Some wool blends will survive through the drying circle, make sure to check the tag before putting any wool items to your dryer.

Reference: What Fabrics Should (and Shouldn’t!) Go in the Clothes Dryer?

Can you put polyester in the dryer to get wrinkles out

Polyester is a durable and wrinkle-resistant fabric that used in a variety of clothes. The fabric is easy to dry and gets shrunk or melted if over dry. Because of this, you need to avoid exposing polyester to high heat. If using dryer, choose special dryer setting such as a permanent press that alternately heat and cool down the clothes to prevent damage.

Can you put polyester in the dryer to get wrinkles out

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Hence, it’s not appropriate to put polyester in the dryer to get wrinkles out. Instead, you can choose other options for better result.

How to avoid polyester wrinkles?

One of the most crucial things to remember while washing polyester clothing items is avoiding wrinkles in the first place. The wrinkles happen once the dryer stops and everything is sitting there. Luckily, there are few ways to remove the wrinkles without damaging the fabric such as washing and drying, iron on low heat or steaming the fabric. Once your items are wrinkle-free, lay it flat or hang to cool it down before you do anything else with it.

  • Check the tag carefully. You can find the suggested wash cycle and water temperature on it. Because blend polyester or pure polyester may differ from each other on how it should be washed. The tag will also show that if it’s fine to iron or dry the item.
  • Use the fabric softener or use the dry sheet for dryer to prevent the wrinkles.
  • Start the wash and take the garments out as soon as the cycle ends. Don’t sit them for so long as they will develop an unpleasant smell and new wrinkles.
  • Hang the garments up immediately after it’s dry to prevent them from wrinkling.
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  • For ironing, use the lowest setting as polyester cannot stand high temperature. Moisten the fabric with plain water and make sure that you don’t get it too get to iron. Turn the item inside out and place it on the ironing board. Cover the item with a thin towel or other fabric. Iron the fabric through the cover on low heat and remember not to sit the iron on any spot for more than 10 second to avoid over heat.

How to dry polyester

Polyester is a long-lasting, quick-drying fabric that is utilized in a wide range of garments. When subjected to intense heat, the fabric has a smooth feel and can shrink or melt. As a result, excessive temperatures should be avoided when using polyester. Use a low, heat-free setting while drying polyester in a machine washer. You can securely hang the clothing on a clothesline or a drying rack to dry it by hand.

How to dry polyester

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How to dry polyester by dryer

  • Put the wet polyester items in the dryer. Do it as soon as the washing machine has done to prevent the wrinkles. You’d better not to put in too much items or the fabric will take longer to dry. Additionally, don’t let wet clothes sit or they will develop an unpleasant smell.
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  • You can use a dryer sheet to prevent static cling and wrinkles. It’s not a mush when dry polyester by dryer but will help you to prevent polyester from wrinkling. In case you used a fabric softener in the wash, there is no need to use dryer sheet.
  • Set the dryer to “low” or “air dry” and turn it on. The two options will prevent the items from high temperature and melting. Remember to take your items out as soon as the circle finished to prevent wrinkles.

How to dry polyester by hand drying

  • The sooner the better. It doesn’t matter where you wash your clothes, but the sooner you get them hanging, the better they look. You’d better wash your items with cold water to prevent the heat. Polyester can be washed by washing machine or by hand.
  • Then squeeze the water out of the garment but don’t twist or wring them as you might stretch and damage the fibers.
  • Hand them on the clothesline or drying rack. Unfold and unravel the clothing before draping it over a drying rack or hanging it on a clothesline. If you’re hanging the polyester outside, make sure it’s in a shady spot away from the sun. The polyester can shrink if it is exposed to the sun for an extended period.
Can you put polyester in the dryer 7

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  • Hand them there for 2-4 hours. Polyester is naturally fast-drying, so it won’t take so long to dry. Wait a few hours and then check on them to see if it’s dry. Once the garments are dry to the touch, fold and store them.

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While polyester doesn’t tend to wrinkle but it depends much on how you wash and dry it and whether it’s blend or pure polyester. Can you put polyester in the dryer? Definitely yes but on low or air dry instead of normal options. If you find this article helpful, give us a thumb up and return BestLifeTips often for more home tips.