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Can You Meditate with Your Eyes Open? The Answer Will Surprise You

Can You Meditate With Your Eyes Open? The Answer Will Surprise You

Can you meditate with your eyes open? And what are the benefits of eyes open meditation? Let dive deep into this post with BestLifeTips to find out the answer.

There is no meditation instruction that’s fit for all. Some meditators find it easier to stay focus while closing their eyes, some don’t, they can only concentrate in peaceful surroundings with open eyes. In this post we here at BestLifeTips will join you to find out the answer for question can you meditate with your eyes open.

Can you meditate with your eyes open?

Can you meditate with your eyes open? Mind-blowing facts

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Eyes open meditation is one of the most powerful meditation, but not all meditators know about it. In contrast with eyes closed meditation, you can open your eyes and meditate with a high level of concentration. If traditional eyes closed meditation doesn’t work for you as your expectation, give eyes open meditation a chance.

See what does a Guru say about eyes open meditation here.

Eyes closed or eyes open meditation?

Which one is better? Is it true to open your eyes while meditating? Meditation isn’t about the postures, in which people assume that are sitting on a cushion and arms peacefully place on knees with closing eyes. But It’s actually all about the state of mind.

Eyes closed meditation

Closing your eyes helps us stop getting distracted by the surroundings, but brings our concentration on other parts. We feel more about our inner self, scan our bodies, see everything as watchers, like how we feel at the present, what we are smelling, how our legs are tingling. By isolating ourselves to the outer world, it’s way easier to keep focusing and feel the here and now.

Can you meditate with your eyes open? Mind-blowing facts

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However, ironically, It’s also easier to be blown away with the flow of thoughts when closing your eyes. Every day, we, as adults, are facing with thousands of thinkings. Many people get into the same problem for eye-closed meditation that they can’t leave their thoughts behind.

Besides of that, whenever we close your eyes, our brains simply understand that we want to turn on the sleeping mode. Most fresh meditators admit they can’t beat their sleepy feeling for longer than a few minutes.

Eyes open meditation

In contract with eye closed meditation, eyes open meditation simply means you should keep your eyes open while meditating. This may conflict with what you assume so far about meditation. However, eyes open meditation is one of the most powerful kind of meditation because it requires you a higher state of concentration to get it right. You see everything in front of you as the way it is with awareness and stay in the here and now.

Can you meditate with your eyes open? Mind-blowing facts

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However, we can’t deny that the outer world easily neglect us of focusing. We cannot see the surroundings as they are, but envelop them with our minds. For example, any objects in the room remind us of our memories or tasks we need to do. Then we gradually follow that thinking flow and forget about the present moment. For those who are accustomed to meditation practise, it will be easier to shift their attention and stay focused.

Benefits of open eye meditation

What are the benefits of open eye meditation? Check the list out and decide if it is meant for you.

You can practise it anywhere

You can practice eyes open meditation anywhere and anytime. Meditation is not always mean sitting on a cushion, folding your legs and resting your arms on your knees. You can practice meditation in every single activity in your life, like washing dishes, reading, writing, even walking in a hustle and bustle street.

You can improve your concentration

Can you meditate with your eyes open? Mind-blowing facts

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It’s worth your effort. The more you put your energy to keep focusing, the longer you can maintain your concentration. At first, few people can stay awake while their eyes open, our brains keep going on and on with mind-wandering, analysis and responses. Just be patient with yourself and give it time to get to know and enjoy the meditation journey.

You can experience meditation differently

There is no perfect definition to everyone in terms of meditation experience. It depends much on your purposes for meditating and your own mindset. If closed-eye meditation seems not to work with you, why don’t give the other way a chance? Renew your mediation practice with open eye meditation could be an option. Instead of trying to get rid of your thinking flow and sleepy feeling, just try another way to feel more about the here and now by opening your eyes to the outer world.

How to mediate with open eyes

There are several simple ways to practice open-eye meditation that you can start with.

Focus on a particular object

Keep your look on a single object such as a house plant, a picture, a flower, a statue, ect without judgement. Keep your focus on how it looks literally: how it shapes, what color is it, where the highlight and shadow is, etc. Whenever you find yourself get caught off with the flow of thinking, bring your focus back to the item.

Can you meditate with your eyes open? Mind-blowing facts

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Sit in front of a blank wall

In case you have nothing to notice to, sitting in front of a blank wall is another option. Soften your gaze by half close your eyes to avoid eye fatigue and strain.

Walking meditation

One of the most popular open eye meditation is walking meditation. Gently focus your gaze down your steps. Feel your moves, how your feet touch and leave the floor, free your mind and be aware of every single footstep.

Can you meditate with your eyes open? Mind-blowing facts

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Indulge yourself in the environment all around. Listening to others speaking, jogging, the car horn or the birds singing judging nothing and no one. Taking a short walk around your neighborhood, local park or seashore can be a suggestion.

Switching between eyes open and eyes closed meditation

Switching between eyes open and eyes closed meditation is another useful way for practising meditation. You are free to make your own strategy that fits you best. For instance, you can start off by closing your eyes to narrow your focus, and then listen to your inner self whether you want to continue to close your eyes. If your flow of thinking starts disturbing you, let open your eyes and find a particular object to practise eyes open meditation.

Don’t make it too hard on yourself because there is no perfect way for everyone. Listening to yourself is the key and find your own way.

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So now you can have your own answer for the question: can you meditate with your eyes open? Don’t forget to come back BestLifeTips for more update.