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Dog Boarding and Training for Aggressive Dogs: Information You Need to Know

Dog Boarding And Training For Aggressive Dogs: Information You Need To Know

Dog boarding service is no longer strange. Many people have used it as a way to take care of their dogs during their time away from home. Especially for aggressive dogs, this is even more necessary. Here’s some information on-boarding service for aggressive dogs. Find out now with BestLifeTips all about boarding for aggressive dogs.

Sometimes, you will need to go on a private vacation with your partner or on long business trips. The thing you always worry about is who will take care of your pet dogs? The problem is that the dogs are too aggressive to ask dog-sit your dogs. Don’t worry. Pet boarding is a good option for you.

The following article by BestLifeTips will provide you with the necessary information about boarding for aggressive dogs.

What Is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is one of the convenience services offered by pet care facilities or veterinarians. It is a place where dog owners can leave their dogs there for a certain period for a fee if they have to be away from home.

Boarding for Aggressive Dogs

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At the pet boarding facility, your dog will experience the full range of health care services such as feeding, walking, training,… Regarding the accommodation, usually, the dogs will be kept in sturdy kennels.

It won’t make your pet uncomfortable or cramped.

In case your aggressive dog is not used to being in small spaces, he will be placed in a large room with others under the care and supervision of medical staff. This is the answer to the question of what is dog boarding.

So, is boarding for aggressive dogs ok? Can an aggressive dog be trained?

Can An Aggressive Dog Be Trained?

Is training an aggressive dog possible? Yes. You can absolutely do this when you have an understanding and knowledge of the dog’s behavior.

Because the dog’s aggressive attitude can harm another person or other dogs. It needs to be adjusted and trained right away by professional dog trainers.

Many people wonder is it possible to train dogs at home or not? The answer is yes.

You can learn and do basic dog training in your home. However, the most important thing is to identify the factors and causes that make him aggressive and then find solutions to change the dog’s reaction.

So, is boarding for aggressive dogs ok? Are board and train good for aggressive dogs?

Is Board And Train Good For Aggressive Dogs?

Boarding for Aggressive Dogs

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Training and boarding are, of course, good for aggressive dogs. They will be tamed and behave properly rather than acting on instinct like before.

Obviously, aggression is an undesirable trait, even your dog can get hurt someone because of this aggressive nature. You need to immediately reduce his aggression.

Another reason for the importance of boarding and training aggressive dogs is that punishment is really not good for them.

Like children, your dog will not understand the punishments, therefore it only becomes more aggressive if you are strict or even hit it.

Instead, why not try rewarding it when it’s behaving well. This is a positive way of training aggressive dogs. It will respond best to training sessions through reward-based training.

Finally, dog training is essential for your safety. With a natural defensive mechanism, your dog always knows how to keep its owner safe from anything it perceives as a threat.

For a dog that has been tamed and no longer has an aggressive nature, one day it becomes aggressive again in your house, then you should do a quick investigation of its surroundings.

Because there is definitely something unusual that makes them aggressive, such as an intruder in your house or a wild animal hiding somewhere.

Dog’s sense of smell and hearing are always much more sensitive than humans. They will immediately sense danger to warn you to stay away.

Boarding for Aggressive Dogs

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For all the above reasons, it can be asserted once again that boarding and training are really good for aggressive dogs.

You can work more with his veterinarian or dog trainers about his habits and behavior.

Be patient to help him become more docile.

So, what are common boarding for aggressive dogs?

Common Dog Boarding Services

At the boarding facility, you can rest assured because your dogs are well taken care of with a full range of services such as feeding, grooming, jogging, and more.

Some pet boarding facilities also offer luxury services such as massage and dog training.

This training service is really good for aggressive dogs.

Instead of you having to leave your aggressive dog at home and worry that it will bite or injure someone, you should send it to a pet boarding facility where it will be better trained under the supervision of professional staff during your absence.

For a dog, living space is very important. Indeed, it should be a spacious playground for the dogs to freely run around. They also have pet cameras to keep tabs on your furry friends.

In addition, the staff in the facility directly caring for and training dogs must be thoroughly trained in medical first aid and dog care to ensure a good training and boarding process.

Boarding for Aggressive Dogs

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There are more and more forms of pet boarding. Here are some of the most common types of dog boarding that you often come across and information about it for your reference!

  • Common Dog Boarding Services

This is the most common type of boarding service. Your dog is in the open space, playing freely all day until bedtime. All activities are taken care of for safety and security.

  • Dog Sitter

This is a service that hires someone to come to your home to take care of your pet, called a dog sitter. All activities are done with your permission.

  • Veterinary Facilities

If you want to board for your aggressive dogs by professional services, let’s go to veterinary facilities.

The strong advantage of this type is that you can be completely assured because your pet is assigned to highly qualified pet experts with good medical skills. This is the first option if your dog frequently needs medical assistance.

  • Dog Hotels

This service is considered a luxury service with the best privileges for dogs if you choose this place.

Besides general care services, the dogs will enjoy facial massages, aromatherapy treatments, sunbathing on the beach or even being picked up in luxury cars such as Rolls Royce and Lamborghini. This form can be called the royal boarding service for pets.

  • In-Home Boarding

This form means that you will register for boarding training at the dog trainer’s home during your absence.

Then, what factors make a good boarding for aggressive dogs?

What Factors Make A Good Boarding Facility For Aggressive Dogs?

You can see a lot of pet boarding facilities, but not all of them offer the best service for aggressive dogs. When you pay a fee, you will definitely want your dogs to experience the best service.

So what are the criteria for evaluating a good boarding facility for aggressive dogs? Here are some references:

  • The basics (meals, exercise times, baths)

The first criterion is whether the facility meets the dog’s basic needs, such as eating, drinking, bathing, exercising.

Do you need to carefully consider the pet feeding schedule? When? Is the food storage environment good? Is the bathing and exercise schedule regular and fixed?

  • Dog’s daily routine

In addition to the basic needs, the pet boarding facility should report to you the daily activities of the dog there. Even a plan on how to train and raise them while you are away from home.

Boarding for Aggressive Dogs

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  • Skilled care staff

Your aggressive dog also needs prompt medical care and an emergency if an unfortunate situation occurs.

Sometimes, they will go overboard and require sedation. A good veterinary facility with experienced and medically qualified staff will make you feel secure to entrust your furry friend to them.

They can handle any problem safely.

  • Overall environment

Changing the environment is very difficult for your aggressive dogs. They will feel strange and uncomfortable.

You should find out directly about the boarding facilities, about whether the dog’s eating, sleeping, and playing places are guaranteed quality.

  • Emotional management strategies

Just like humans, your dog has emotions and is also stressed when he is uncomfortable, especially aggressive dogs.

That is why you should choose a good space that can solve his emotional problems. Emotional management strategies, such as taking regular walks, wearing pheromone collars.

Standby your furry friend must always be supervised and taken care of when it is stressed.

  • Vaccination Policies

Your pets are more likely to get sick at home, because of a new environment or sources of illness that can be spread by being with other dogs.

Therefore, most pet establishments have strict vaccination policies. Some important immunizations include Bordetella and rabies vaccinations.

You should do your research and ask for proof of vaccinations before deciding to go to a certain facility.

  • Insurance

An aggressive dog bites other people or dogs at any time. A boarding facility with a specific insurance policy is the first choice to protect your pet.

Then, for boarding for aggressive dogs, how to prepare?

How To Prepare Your Dog For Boarding

In order for your aggressive dog to adapt well to the environment at the boarding facility during your absence, you should prepare everything in advance as follows:

  • Spend time caring for your furry friend

Before you leave, spend more time with your dog so that they do not feel left out. You can take it for a walk, run,..

  • Get your dog acquainted with a dog trainer first

Allowing your pup to meet and get to know the trainer in advance will help him feel a little comfortable and be able to cooperate well with them during training time.

Boarding for Aggressive Dogs

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  • Exercise before boarding

Exercise helps keep your dog fit and well prepared for a training period.

  • Stay calm throughout the separation process

Dogs are very intelligent and emotional animals. If you feel a little emotional about leaving him, he will probably feel the same way. Keep your mentally and emotionally stable to inspire him.

Then, how to make boarding for aggressive dogs easier?

Tips To Make Dog Boarding Easier

Once you’ve calmed down about the anxiety of boarding aggressive dogs, you’re still wondering how to make your pet a great and easy boarding experience. Here are some of our tips for you.

  • Detailed information about dog behaviors

The more detailed information you provide about your pup’s habits and behaviors, the easier it will be for a trainer to manage his emotions and aggressive behavior.

  • Bring The Right Gear

You can pack your dog’s “baggage” with some essentials like a muzzle, a shock collar, and some favorite toys so that he doesn’t get bored while boarding.

Boarding for Aggressive Dogs

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  • Ensure your canine is up-to-date on all his tick and flea preventatives

Your dog needs a medical check-up and blood test to ensure his health before boarding.

  • Ask for proof of life updates

Ask the staff at the boarding facility to regularly update your dog’s status and reaction every day to make sure all is well.

Why Do Dogs Act Weird After Boarding?

Some dogs, after spending time boarding and returning home, have strange expressions such as ignoring and sulking their owners. Don’t be sad and worry! You should know that it is a common state after being away from its owner for a long time.

Maybe he will shun your hugs and not want to play with you. According to research, dogs have the cognitive ability and keep emotions for a long time.

Another reason why your aggressive dog acts weird after boarding is stress. Their time in the kennel in the boarding facility makes them uncomfortable and anxious if they have to go in again.

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