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Save These Ideas to Have Perfect Christmas Photos for Your Little One

Save These Ideas To Have Perfect Christmas Photos For Your Little One

In this article, BestLifeTips will share with you some of the best baby Christmas pictures ideas to help you have perfect shoots for your baby’s Christmas photos.

If you want to make a Christmas album for your baby, don’t miss this article of BestLifeTips. We will share with you some of the best baby Christmas picture ideas.

Baby in a Santa bucket

A baby in a Santa Bucket is a great style for baby Christmas pictures ideas.

Put your baby in a Santa Bucket right in front of your Christmas tree with some ornaments and a mountain of presents.

Baby with Christmas lights scattered

baby Christmas pictures ideas

Another adorable picture for baby Christmas pictures ideas is a baby with the Christmas lights scattered.

Play with the lighting to get the perfect glare of the lights and your baby’s face.

Baby with adorable hat and Christmas story book

Grab a fuzzy white blanket or rug, add an adorable Christmas hat and bootie; let your baby hold a Christmas story book. And you are all set for this photo.

Elf on a shelf

To create the photos of this “Elf on a shelf” look, put on a cutie elf costume for your baby, add a white shelf, a jar, and some candy canes.

Baby with crochet snowman pattern

baby Christmas pictures ideas

Source: Memories & Michele

This crochet snowman pattern is one of the perfect baby Christmas pictures ideas. A sleepy little newborn would be great for propping up during this photo.

Add some fluffy fake snow and a Christmas tree in the background.

Milk drunk baby

If you want to have a milk drunk baby photo, set up the scene that Santa is sleeping on the job with an adorable crochet Santa outfit, some lights, milk and cookies.

Baby in Christmas pajamas the background

You can hold up a festive Christmas mug or decoration with the baby in Christmas pajamas in the background.

Naked baby with booties and a Santa hat

baby Christmas pictures ideas

A naked baby with just booties and a Santa hat will be so adorable for baby Christmas pictures ideas.

A little elf on top of anything

Dress your baby up like a little elf and perch him atop of anything.

Baby sleeping in a stock

Use a red blanket and some garland to give the appearance of your baby in a stocking. Do this trick while they’re sleeping in a large open space.

And don’t forget to put them on a Santa’s hat.

Baby with a chalkboard

baby Christmas pictures ideas

This one doesn’t require many props except for a blanket, chalkboard, and this adorable little hat.

Write anything you want on the chalkboard sign. You can even go without the sign and just display your Christmas tree in the background.

Baby sleeping in a gift box

Grab a box and wrap it in some festive paper and ribbon.

Don’t forget a fluffy white blanket or rug, and a little bow or hat to complete the look for your baby Christmas pictures ideas.

Baby with a Christmas pillow

You can prop your baby up against some gorgeous Christmas throw pillows and put them in a festive outfit.

Baby with a Christmas bow

baby Christmas pictures ideas

Source: Nicole Coffield Photography

Lay your sleeping baby atop a fuzzy white blanket. Dress them up with some festive Christmas Pj’s. Add a Christmas bow on top of their head.

Baby in a milk bath and Christmas

A baby in a milk bath with Christmas cookies or decor is perfect for baby Christmas pictures ideas.

Baby with ornaments

All you need for this photo is a bowl big enough for your baby, some ornaments, and a cute little Santa hat.

Hot chocolate bath photos

baby Christmas pictures ideas

What about hot chocolate bath photos for your baby? The hot chocolate here is actually a few drops of brown food coloring mixed in with some powdered milk and water.

Toss in a few jumbo marshmallows and put your baby in. Don’t forget to add a cute hat or festive bow to complete the look.

Baby sleeping on a Christmas Jammie

To have these photos, all you need is a classic Christmas story book, some cute Christmas Jammies and an adorable sleeping baby.

Baby opening the gift box

A beautiful photo of your baby in the anticipation of opening presents can be the perfect Christmas photo. Place your baby down in front of the presents and take photos.

Baby and Santa

baby Christmas pictures ideas

Ask your adult helper to put on a Santa costume and add a cute Christmas outfit for your little one. Have the Santa to bend down and hold your baby’s hands for a perfect picture.

Or the moment when your little one meets Santa for the first time. Their interaction will be a perfect shoot.

Baby baker

This adorable baby baker is a great style for baby Christmas pictures ideas. Dress your baby up with a backer’s clothing, put a big bowl that your baby can fit in the middle of the table.

Add some cookies and baking stuffs around your baby and you’ll have a perfect photo.

Baby sleeping in a chimney

Asleep baby in a chimney is another great opt for baby Christmas pictures ideas.

Baby in a Christmas car

baby Christmas pictures ideas

Source: Clearly Perceived Photography

You can capture some images when your baby is enjoying the red wagon at a wonderful time.

Baby sleeping in Santa’s sleigh

This idea is perfect for baby Christmas pictures ideas. Put your little one in a little cutie Santa’s sleigh. Don’t forget to add a Santa hat to complete the look.

A baby reindeer

Dress your baby up with a reindeer hat. Make sure to have the Christmas tree in the background.

Baby and LED firefly lights

baby Christmas pictures ideas

Choose a simple and white background. Then put the ring light around your baby and start to shoot.

You should shoot these during the day or when there is plenty of light.

Baby in a Christmas wreath

Choose a plain background like a soft blanket, a worn wood floor, or a solid sheet. Then wrap your baby in a pretty cloth and place them in the middle of the wreath.

Shoot the photo from above to get the best angle.

Dress baby in cozy Christmas knits

Dress your baby in cozy knit clothing and place him in a basket beneath or next to the tree.

Add some handmade blankets and other warm touches to have this adorable Christmas image.

Outline baby in lights

baby Christmas pictures ideas

Choose a simple background, such as a fur rug or throw, and lay your little one in the middle.

Then create a heart outline out of white Christmas lights and start shooting. Make sure you do this when there’s plenty of light during the day.

Build frosty the snowman

Incorporate a real snowman to have Christmas photos for your baby. Build a snowman in your yard or a park and then have your little one sit next to it.

Let your baby play

Let your baby play with his toys next to the Christmas tree. Get down low to the ground to shoot the photo.

Decorating Christmas tree

baby Christmas pictures ideas

The Christmas tree is the most important factor on Christmas day. You can let your baby place some ornaments and lights on the tree and then take pictures.

Eating cookies

You can take some pictures when the baby is grasping cookies and eating them. Don’t forget to put on a Christmas hat for your little one.

Reading a Christmas story

You need to prepare a Christmas story book and open the book. Then put your sleepy baby with Santa outfit on the book.

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There are plenty of options for baby Christmas pictures ideas. Hopefully, these ideas can help you to create a perfect Christmas album for your little one. Follow BestLifeTips for more interesting ideas.